IN A recent drama from the West, a cowboy star climbed an oil derrick, pretending to appear for bandits in the surrounding nation. An explosion was supposed to topple the tall structure into a home near-by. It fell to Gil-man's lot to ride the derrick down. When it had fallen half solution to earth, Gilman pulled himself over the tiny superstructure rising above the platform and leaped feet-first by means of a six-foot hole previously cut via the shingles with the roof and onto a net, though the derrick crashed loudly by way of the porch. Later, the star himself was shown hanging by his fingers from a beam inside the room, though carpenters showered splintered wood on him from above.

The stunt males commonly function by twos. A single skilled pair found themselves around the roof of a film jail the other afternoon, each and every doubling for an actor of his own stature and weight. Costumed as a police officer, the lighter man fought using the "heavy" from 1 finish in the sloping metal roof to the other, lastly forcing him to loosen his grip on a weakening gutter by beating on his knuckles with an automatic pistol-made of rubber. The victim fell into a net forty feet below, landing effortlessly on his back.

Some scenes usually do not permit the use of nets to break falls. On such occasions, the stunt males have to rely upon their own agility or on the eager hands of other educated stunt guys to catch them. Yackima Canutt fell thirty feet from a burning constructing and landed on the heads of a crowd, and hardly mussed his hair. On a further occasion, a performer came inside an ace of meeting death when he fell significantly less than four feet into a crowd.

Many stunt guys "burn out"-some literally. An African tree hut had been built atop a forty-foot pole on a cliff near Balboa, Calif., replica rolex eighty-five feet above the pounding breakers, for various equatorial scenes. "Natives" chased Rose through the underbrush of the film forest, and he climbed the pole to seek refuge from their spears.

As he neared the major, his pursuers touched torches to the grass and bamboo shacks. The pole had been planted too far back from the ocean's edge to permit a jump in to the sea, so it had to become pulled more than. For this goal, a piano wire, invisible to the cameras, had been run out to a boat, positioned outside the camera angle rolex replica paypal .

Meantime, rather of spreading gradually, the flames all of a sudden burst through the bamboo and licked halfway up the pole. The actor was getting suffocated. The pilot with the boat, seeing his plight, began his little craft so suddenly that the wire parted.

The stunt man could not climb down by means of the fire. He tried rocking the pole, rolex replica watches hoping it would break in the base. Cameramen remained calm at their posts, grinding on the death scene. They knew there'd be no second opportunity at this.

Burying his face in his arms, Rose peered downward through the flames. Beneath, he saw a narrow channel which the sea had cut via the rocks fake rolex watches . As a wave rushed in, water covered the hard bottom with the ribbon-like gorge. After ten minutes the pole toppled, falling toward the rocks. Rose leaped sideways as a breaker rolled in, plus a ten-foot wall of water cushioned the stunt man's body against the effect that seemed inevitable. The following wave tossed him like a splinter against the rocks. He was rescued a few minutes later, almost dead.

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